ABC Solitaire Free

by Shen Zhongyuan

ABC Solitaire Free for iPhone / iPad
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iPhone / iPad

Version 8.7

Size 16.2 MB

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                        ***Thank you for viewing! Thank you for downloading!

This is the most difficult, unique and addictive puzzle game in the world! This game does not require any preliminary knowledge, but demands huge observations, great patience and challenging spirit! Everyone from children to adult people can fully enjoy it while testing and demonstrating his IQ.

***Game goal
Clear the board by removing two same tiles each time as quickly as possible.

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This game has a 4.1 star rating (643 ratings). It occupies the 492586th position in our ranking with 44 points. It is among the 25% best ones of its category and among the 25% best ones of the overall top.

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