Bounce On Lite

by Iddy Biddy Games

Bounce On Lite for iPhone / iPad
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iPhone / iPad

Version 7.1.1

Size 19.4 MB

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                        This is the Lite version of Bounce On, and has only a subset of the features and levels of the full version of Bounce On.

Get your Bounce On! Phobic Studios and Iddy Biddy Games present Bounce On, a classic iPhone side scrolling platform game in the vein of Sonic and Mario.

After falling from a familiar pocket, roll and bounce your way through 75 levels in 5 unique worlds on your adventure home. Keep your eyes out for priceless gems, adorable enemies, and amazing power-ups you'll encounter on your journey.

The achievement system provides challenging gameplay for beginners and pros alike, giving hours of fun for all skill levels. 


App stats

This game has a 3.4 star rating (235089 ratings). It occupies the 107233th position in our ranking with 57 points. It is among the 10% best ones of its category and among the 10% best ones of the overall top.

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