Crazy Harbor

by Appgeneration Software

Crazy Harbor for iPhone / iPad
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iPhone / iPad

Version 2.2

Size 14.8 MB

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                        Crazy Harbor is an addictive game with more than 1.000.000 downloads! One million people addicted to Crazy Harbor can't be wrong! 

Crazy Harbor is an addictive, high-concentration game. It entertains you with detailed, colorful graphics and funny sounds, making the game appealing to all ages. Crazy Harbor gives you 180 levels of pure entertainment. 

You must envision yourself in a port. You are in charge of loading your ship only with the most valuable content. 
Use dynamite, wind and magnets to avoid carrying any unwanted containers on your boat. 
Make sure to keep your valuables out of the water! With only 30 seconds to strategize, Crazy Harbor will challenge your mind, offering 180 levels for you to prove your ability and effectiveness. 


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This app has a 3.0 star rating (2676 ratings). It occupies the 294389th position in our ranking with 54 points. It is among the 10% best ones of the overall top.

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