FRONTLINE® Dose Reminder

by The Robin Shepherd Group

FRONTLINE® Dose Reminder for iPhone
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Version 1.8

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                        With the FRONTLINE Dose Reminder App, you program the date that you give your dog or cat its FRONTLINE Plus and then receive a reminder every 30 days to give your pet its next dose. 

Fleas and ticks are horrible little parasites that can silently invade your pet’s life. But, by remembering to apply FRONTLINE Plus monthly, you will kill fleas and ticks on your dog or cat and prevent re-infestation. 

Protect your pets! Remember to apply FRONTLINE Plus every month.

• Simple set up 

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This app has a 2.0 star rating (10 ratings). It occupies the 1313477th position in our ranking with 20 points.

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