iPhlix HD

by Brent Jensen

iPhlix HD for iPad
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Version 1.0

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                        Netflix API was down on June 9th (hence the negative reviews for that date).  Their service is back up now.

With iPhlix HD, you can:

-Tap play link to watch titles in the Netflix iPad application (gets you watching your Instant queue faster than the Netflix app alone)
-Add, Delete and Reorder items in your Instant and Disc Queues
-View hi-res cover art from the details view
-Manage multiple profiles and accounts (just sign in to the right account or profile on the Netflix linking page)

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This app has a 2.0 star rating (35 ratings). It occupies the 695037th position in our ranking with 34 points. It is among the 25% best ones of the overall top.

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