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                        **App Store Rewind 2011: Magic Numbers Newsstand App of the year in Germany, Austria and Switzerland**
Our October 2012 issue is now FREE for all magic numbers users!

Magic Numbers is a global magazine that brings all the worldwide trends and market research results on what really affects us as human-beings living in society. 

Whether it’s about people’s habits, customs, and behaviors, or opinions on international politics, products, brands and new technology, you will always find something interesting to read, no matter what your area of business is. You can be sure that you will find, inside every issue of Magic Numbers, useful and interesting facts about what is going on in the world today.
This highly interactive publication is as easy to navigate as it is to read. Graphics are clear and concise and are accompanied by exhaustive articles, which makes it extremely enjoyable.  
By downloading the app, you will have the option to have access the current issue as well as the option to purchase all of our back issues!

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