Shrek Kart™ FREE

by Gameloft

Shrek Kart™ FREE for iPhone
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Version 1.1.7

Size 113.2 MB

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                        For the first time on the App Store, you can play as SHREK!
Challenge your friends in Multiplayer and Arena modes! 
Explore the world of DreamWorks Animation’s Shrek!

Once Upon a Time… 

Shrek and his friends are on a quest: To become the Kingdom’s Fastest Kart Racer! Race to your own Fairy Tale ending and try to win Ye Grand Tournament.

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This game has a 3.0 star rating (233230 ratings). It occupies the 243424th position in our ranking with 57 points. It is among the 10% best ones of its category and among the 10% best ones of the overall top.

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