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iPhone / iPad

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                        VEGA Conflict is the first synchronous cross-platform, real-time strategy game. Stake your claim, command a powerful fleet, and wage epic war in space. Rebel against the VEGA Federation and explore a massive universe to extend your domain far and wide. Think you have what it takes? Conquer the void.

Key Features: 

- The battle never stops. Continue your progress on your phone, tablet, or in browser. 
- Command each ship and battle against other players in real-time PvP combat with innovative RTS controls 
- Fight your way through hundreds of planets across multiple galaxies with players from all over the universe
- Research new ships, weapons, shields, and technology to customize the ultimate fleet

App stats

This game has a 4.5 star rating (7 ratings). It occupies the 108523th position in our ranking with 66 points. It is among the 5% best ones of its category and among the 5% best ones of the overall top.

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