Mahjong - zMahjong Solitaire Free

by Shen Zhongyuan

Mahjong - zMahjong Solitaire Free for iPhone / iPad
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iPhone / iPad

Version 8.7

Size 16.3 MB

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                        This is the famous Zhongyuan Mahjong (Solitaire)! This is a game that you purchase only once but can play all you life.

This game demands huge observations, great patience and challenging spirit! Although only 10% people can finally complete the game, yet tens of thousands of people are challenging and enjoying it every day! 

Here are a few user reviews: 
◉If there was only one game on my iPad, it would be Zhongyuan Mahjong without hesitation. 
---by Mockie, Aug 20, 2011 


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This game has a 4.2 star rating (754 ratings). It occupies the 527471th position in our ranking with 42 points. It is among the 25% best ones of its category and among the 25% best ones of the overall top.

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